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Captain Z is proud to offer fx3 shock actuator rebuilding for your 1989 to 1995 Corvette equipped with fx3 ride control; also Ferrari and Maserati.  Proudly serving our customers since 2005!



The original plastic pieces in the actuator often break and are a cause of failure in the selective ride control feature of your Corvette or Ferrari. The first sign of trouble is often the SRC "service ride control" light on the dashboard.

We offer corvette fx3 and Ferrari shock actuator rebuilding in which we replace the two plastic pieces which turn the shock shaft with pieces machined from billet aluminum. The aluminum pieces are much stronger than the stock plastic ones. 

We also offer Bilstein OEM shock gears and stainless steel shock actuator retaining clips for sale. 




One of the first signs that your system is or isn't working properly is the service ride control light on the dashboard.

When the ignition key is turned, the system will do a check to be sure it is working properly. The service ride control light should come on momentarily and then go out if all is well. If the light stays on then the system most likely has problems. If the light doesn't come on during the system check; the bulb may be burned out or a previous owner may have removed the light.

The system retains trouble codes which can be retrieved to help diagnose the problem. Refer to a service manual for the codes and the method of retrieval. Please note that the codes will continue to reset until the problem has been corrected.


To check the actuator:

Remove the wire spring clip which retains the actuator to the shock and lift the actuator up off the actuator mounting cup. With the actuator still plugged into the car get someone to turn the ignition key to the first position but not all the way to the starting position. Please be sure the car is in park or neutral and the parking brake is set if you have an assistant help you when turning the ignition key. Follow all safety procedures! This will allow the fx3 to go through its' system check.

Caution: Improperly bench testing the actuator can cause electronic damage which can't be repaired.

Look into the actuator through the rubber seal to see if the splined plastic piece that turns the shock gear is turning during the system check. If you can see that the plastic piece is broken or missing then it may be rebuilt if other components are not damaged. 

We would be happy to help assist in determining if your actuator can be rebuilt, feel free to email with any questions you may have about the condition of your actuators.
Mail to:


Please take a moment to inspect the small metal gear located on the top of the shock. Often they are broken and must be replaced before the fx3 system will be restored to working order. We have original equipment gears in stock for 1989 to 1991. We have replacement gears for 1992 and later models in stock also. These gears are made of steel finished in yellow zinc dichromate. There are two different gears used on the shocks in the fx3 system. The difference is in the size of the stop located along the lower edge of the gear. The year of your Corvette determines the type of gear used. 
Visually inspect the gear for breaks and for cracks. Also the gear should not be able to turn in complete circles without stopping. If you can turn it continuously without hitting the stop then it is broken and must be replaced. The gear can be replaced in either position without affecting the operation of the shock.

Shock gear application:
89-91 (short stop) steel shock gear and pin  89-91 Corvette, Mondial Ferrari  ( out of stock)
92-95 (long stop) steel shock gear and pin 92-95 Corvette  All Ferrari and Maserati with actuator #158732


If you find that your actuator has broken plastic pieces, there is a good chance we can rebuild it.

We inspect your actuator upon receiving it to determine if it can be rebuilt. If it can be rebuilt we open it up at a precise location, replace the two pieces with the aluminum ones shown below. We then reseal; test and ship your actuator back to you.


Frequently asked Questions

Four things that will set a “SRC” service ride control code:

1. The actuator turns farther than it should in the key on look ahead test. Could mean something broken.
2. The actuator doesn't turn as far as it should in the key on look ahead test. Could mean something is obstructing its’ full travel.
3. The actuator doesn't complete its look ahead test in the proper amount of time.  Could mean something is restricting its’ travel.
4. The key has been turned on three or more times and the car has not been moved. Lack of vehicle motion could set code.

My actuator has a broken out amber base, can it be repaired?


We have had very good success in bonding the base back together and reinforcing it with epoxy. We need both pieces to do this. We need to cut the actuator and do a normal rebuild and then bond the base. Your cost to have this actuator rebuilt is $125.00 plus base repair $40.00=$165.00
We can also use a donor base from a damaged actuator when/if we have parts available, this is a higher cost than having the broken base bonded.



I’ve opened my actuator can you still rebuild it?

If the actuator has been attempted to be opened, or has been opened, we will not rebuild it.
If your actuator is in poor condition and will not be presentable after the rebuild, we reserve the option to reject rebuilding it.



A note about actuators with electronic failure:


There are some Ferrari and Maserati actuators 158732 produced after about 1998 that have very shiny glossy bright colored individual wires going into the actuator harness. These actuators are prone to electronic failure. We can repair most of these and this repair adds $100.00 over the normal rebuild cost of $125.00 for a total rebuild cost of $225.00.



A note about actuators with motor failure:


There are about 2% of all actuators we receive that have motor failure. While this is not very common, we do find them from time to time, unfortunately these actuators can’t be repaired. They are assembled so that by opening them up they are destroyed. and there are no serviceable parts in the motor itself.



Do you sell your machined aluminum parts without having a rebuild performed?

We do not sell our machined aluminum rebuild parts separately from our rebuild service.
Here are our reasons why:
1. The actuator must be cut open at a precise location or it can be damaged beyond repair.
2. There is a set of planetary gears in it that need to be properly spaced for it to operate correctly.
3. There is a very small bushing inside that can easily be lost.
4. The band that we use to put the actuator back together must be sized to work with the individual actuator because the actuators vary in diameter.
5. We test the actuator before, during and after the rebuild to make sure that the actuator will work as intended.


Can I use Corvette actuators on my Ferrari?

Ferrari Mondial can use corvette actuators, but the corvette front actuators have too long of harness and the rears are too short and will not reach. All corvettes and Ferrari Mondial use 5 wire actuators with one hall sensor in them.
You can’t use corvette actuators on later Ferrari or Maserati with 158732 actuators. These actuators have six wires with two hall effect sensors in them.



Can I test my own actuators?

The best test is visual by looking into the actuator for broken parts and also seeing if the actuator turns when the key is turned to the on position. The actuator gearing should turn about 5/8 turn and then reverse about 1/4 turn.
Do not attempt to test your actuator by applying power to it.
One wrong touch to a Hall sensor wire and your actuator is junk and can’t be repaired.



Can I drive my car with the actuator removed from the shock?


Yes, but please note that you may have every shock set to a different dampening affecting ride and handling.




Please email any questions or comments and we will be in contact with you soon!  Thanks!!

How to place an order with Captain Z Cnc llc. :

1) Please fill out the Order form below and hit the SUBMIT button.

2) Please ship your actuators for rebuilding to:

Captain Z CNC, llc.

N2261 Frommader Rd.

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

United States of America

***Please include the rubber seal if you have removed it for inspection, it is easy for us to reinstall it when rebuilding.***


3) We will inspect and test your actuator/s upon receiving them and if they are rebuildable you will be notified by email that payment is due before they will be shipped back to you.  In the event that actuators are not rebuildable any prior payments will be refunded.  You will be notified by email and be responsible for the return shipping cost if you desire them returned to you. We can not be held responsible for damages or losses incurred during shipping.


4) For the fastest service we prefer to invoice our customers using Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to make secure credit card payments through paypal.  Instructions will be included on the Paypal invoice.  Please inquire when placing an order if you need to use a different payment method. 


5) Your order will be processed and shipped to you upon receipt of payment.  We strive to provide our customers with the fastest service possible.  Often we are able to process and ship orders in only a couple business days! 

***Important note about shipping and handling!!!

We pass our shipping costs to our customers with minimum to no additional markup added. 

We prefer to ship using US priority mail. We do not have a nearby staffed UPS or Fed Ex office so it is less convenient for us to use this service. We are happy to use UPS or Fed Ex if you send a pre-paid label with your order so we can drop it at a local drop box.
Overseas US priority express 5 to 10 business days in most areas with tracking; please ask for a quote.
We regularly ship overseas.
Please limit claimed value of overseas orders to $499.00 so duty is not applied. If we receive duty charges they will be added to your charges causing you to pay duty on your merchandise. Please make sure to state on your way bill "part for repair to be returned."

***Please note:  The order form is used to help us process your order and no information is shared or used outside our company for any purpose.  You will help us ensure your order is processed quickly and accurately when you fill out the order form below.  Please pay close attention to provide a return shipping address with Name and Address exactly as it must appear on your package!!  We are proud to serve our customers world wide!  Thank you for doing business with Captain Z Cnc, llc!

Captain Z Cnc, llc.

N2261 Frommader Rd.
Fort Atkinson, Wi 53538

Please enter full name and shipping address EXACTLY as it must appear on your return shipment in the box below!

Thank you for placing your order! Please ship your actuator/s to Captain Z CNC llc.! We will be in contact with you regarding your order soon.

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